Copyrights – (UK Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988)

Our understanding is that the sharing of images featuring individuals of ‘celebrity’ and/or ‘public figure’ status is an accepted practice of generating mass online publicity:
Publicity for the individual’s public profile
Publicity for events the individual is endorsing and/or attending
Publicity for the individual’s new movie releases and involvements
Publicity for the individual’s new music releases and involvements
Publicity for magazines no longer in date of their original release
Publicity for charities the individual is endorsing and/or supporting
Publicity for TV shows the individual is endorsing and/or supporting
Bang Tidy is part of a genre of websites that collectively generates massive publicity for celebrities and public figures, something we understand to be used by various industries in order to grow product, personal and brand awareness.

Diminished Responsibility and Images Sources.

Images on are found on a variety of online communities and websites that carry a copyright notice/disclaimer to the belief that the images they provide public access to are being used within the public domain.

Images on are fetched from public image hosting services (,, etc), which encourage users to share the material and carry a notice within their terms and conditions that their users are not permitted to upload images they do not own or have permission to use.

It is therefore assumed that ALL images have been given to the public domain, by or with consent of the owner in compliance with the terms and condition of public image hosts and image sharing communities.

Images on are collected by an automated server side script, and is ONLY instructed to collect images from public image hosts that are actively being shared on websites, forums and communities that carry a public domain notice.

We do not know or have any reason to know that images on are subject to copyright.

If copyright protected images are found on Bang Tidy, this is due to a user or member of a public image host and/or community failing to honour the ‘terms and conditions’ of the public image hosts and/or the community to which they shared the content. It is impossible for us to know whether or not any images are being used illegally until we are told otherwise.

Claims of Infringement

If you believe that any content on infringes on your copyright, please let us know immediately. Any infringing material will be credited to it’s owner, or removed.

Under the UK’s Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, the owner of the copyright has the right to order the disposal/deletion of any and all copies of the copyrighted works.


Previous Issues

Due to spam, scam artists and individuals misrepresenting material to cause trouble. Any emails from free public email services such as @gmail @yahoo @hotmail etc, will generally be ignored. If you do use these public email services please understand that any individual can sign up to these services and illegitimately claim to be the owner of material. As well as searching for the correct terminology to use within the email. If you do use a public email service, please provide as much information about yourself as possible so we can establish that you are the legitimate owner of copyrighted material that we may be infringing on.

We DO NOT block emails from companies and agencies that deal with copyright infringements. Therefore, if you represent an agency or company it is not necessary to use public email services as a means to avoid such tactics. It is not our ambition to infringe on copyright, if we have done we will credit or remove the material, we will not avoid the issue.